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What do you do to keep your happiness intact? When you feel good, how do you act on that excitement?  Do you cook, dance, sing, paint, or write?  Make your video glisten and light up your universe so others can milk your happiness.

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"Be an example of happiness!!!"
- Cedes Truth
- Connecticut

Cedes Alignment

Spontaneous Bike Riding

So last month was an awesome spontaneous Milk Happiness adventure. My daughter and I decided to go to a book event in New York City. We woke up early in the morning, made breakfast, and drove two hours to the event. Only to find out that the book event was in two...

Movie Fun

A new movie theatre was built within 10 minutes from my home. It has a playhouse theatre, recliner seats, organic fruit smoothies, ice cream, and unlimited popcorn when you purchase the jumbo size. When a new child-friendly movie comes out, we are the first to get...

Evening Mint Tea

As you sip your evening mint tea, the only thought that should be present is all is well. For many, mint tea is known for helping achieve mental focus and calming an upset stomach. For me, it helps to adjust my emotional state. I sit back in my chair, I close my eyes,...