Proclaim Your Happiness with Quotes & Statements!!!

Plant the seeds of happiness and plan on harvesting beautiful experiences.


This is your Universe, be who you intend to be and live your highest expression. Proclaim your truth and live it. How do you keep happy and stay in alignment with the happiest version of yourself?

Make a proclamation...

Speak it and become your highest expression!!!

Claiming the house I desire is mine

05th November, 2019
Charlotte nc

I proclaim happiness, success and fulfillment. I want all that the universe has to offer.

07th October, 2019
Charlotte, NC

I proclaim GREATER, I proclaim ABUNDANCE, I proclaim HAPPINESS and CREATIVITY. My thoughts are mine and they will not fall void.

29th September, 2019
Charlotte, NC

I am god and God is me. Anything that I can conceive is mine. I will walk amongst the rich in wealth and the rich in spirit.

29th September, 2019

I will pass my Breastfeeding Counselor Training to become certified in this upcoming Friday 8/23.

Sierra Leone'
20th August, 2019
Minneapolis, MN

I choose to be who I really am, inside and outside.

20th January, 2019
Photo by Gian-Cescon

Own your light

03rd January, 2019
Photo by Guilherme Stecanella

I love the person who I have become

22nd August, 2018
photo by Ayo-Ogunseinde

I am going to manifest my dreams

20th July, 2018

I choose happiness, I will attract happiness, happiness is within me

12th July, 2018
New Jersey
photo by Alessandro-De-Bellis

I am going to follow my highest excitement and live in the present. moment

28th June, 2018

I am going to be my authentic self, I am going to be the best version of myself

26th June, 2018
photo by Pierrick-Van-Troost

I am beautiful, free, and kind

26th June, 2018
Photo by Ketan Rajput

I am awesome

28th June, 2018
New York

Today I will use my imagination to create. I will think of only good things

26th June, 2018
photo by Josh-Edgoose

I will become all my desires.

26th June, 2018

Today, I am determined to keep happy.

26th June, 2018


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Classic Ice Cream Sandwich

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Mid-Day Brownie

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