Point of Bliss

The manifestational moments of bliss in your life that bring you complete satisfaction.

Release your manifestations into the Universe. Get in sync with the happiest version of yourself and live the life of your dreams unapologetically. When you are happy the universe will represent for you, circumstances will change, new opportunities will present itself, and dreams will come to fruition. Being happy starts a thread of more opportunities to be happy and like a magnet, you begin to attract all the things you have asked for and more. Allow your manifestations to flourish over you and enjoy every moment of it (milk it). Share your point of bliss with the universe and allow others to bottle it up and manifest it too.

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Your Points of Bliss


There is beauty in becoming greater than you were yesterday:)

Cedes Truth Bottle #2
Caterpillar habitat

I know my dreams are kept safe, secure, and within reach:)

Cedes Truth Bottle #1
Dream Catcher Jar

Can’t sleep without it.

Anonymous bottle #4

Watching a movie with my family and we all have them on. Comfort at best!!!

Cedes Truth Bottle #6
Cozy Socks

Moments that are priceless

Anonymous bottle #3
Family Vacation to Florida


Evening Mint Tea

As you sip your evening mint tea, the only thought that should be present is all is well. For many, mint tea is known for helping achieve mental focus and calming an upset stomach. For me, it helps to adjust my emotional state. I sit back in my chair, I close my eyes,...

Classic Ice Cream Sandwich

I remember the sound of the ice cream truck as if it were yesterday.  The excitement that rushed through my veins as I grabbed every single coin off my dresser.  The ultimate choice was the classic ice cream sandwich. I was determined to keep the ice cream...

Mid-Day Brownie

Please look for me mid-day at the work cafeteria dessert table trying to pick the best double chocolate chip brownie.  There is something beautiful and comforting about a brownie that has no hard sides, a soft center, vibrant color, and a drizzle of powdered sugar....

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