I remember the sound of the ice cream truck as if it were yesterday.  The excitement that rushed through my veins as I grabbed every single coin off my dresser.  The ultimate choice was the classic ice cream sandwich. I was determined to keep the ice cream in the center, licking between and around the two wafers. That creamy center was happiness and I made sure I milked every second before finishing it.

I was only 7 when the love for ice cream sandwiches became a thing and today I still get that same feeling of excitement when I pull up at the farm to order ice cream. I’m probably still known back in my childhood neighborhood as the kid who kept the center of her ice cream sandwich intact the longest. The point I’m trying to make is that I have a skill in milking satisfactory moments, and I always aim to keep the good feelings every chance I get.

But as I got older, keeping happy became more of a task than a disposition. Sometimes things didn’t go as planned, relationships ended, or people changed.  I didn’t know how to handle not being happy, so I began to search for answers.  Multiple happiness studies show that relationships are the number one thing that keeps people happy, but I knew that anything outside myself was not the answer because it was not within my control.

That’s when I started to focus on my skill of milking satisfactory moments and decided that it’s not the center of the ice cream that we must keep intact but the relationship we have with our eternal self; in other words, the person that life has helped us to become.  When that relationship is intact, all other relationships will flourish. And how do you keep that relationship intact? By milking happiness from the simple moments in life and living in the now.  Eating ice cream feels good because at that moment I am being myself to the fullest, unapologetically.  Alignment is the sweetest treat!!!

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