It’s early morning. I’m up before the sun, but the sky is still blue; the kind of blue that reminds me of purple, a delicate yet striking blue-violet color, similar to the horizon at dusk. The birds let me know its morning as their natural language starts to become my alarm clock, but the cool, still air tells me that it is okay to keep resting. If I needed an alarm this morning, I would set it for about this time. But today I have nothing to do but anything.

 Before I fall back into a deep and restful sleep, I ponder thoughts I would only think of during this peaceful time between asleep and awake, after dusk but before dawn. Oceans are blue because of the way they absorb sunlight. I imagine myself laying outside in a sea of grass, trillions of small stars taking place of the sun. In my mind, I am allowing myself to absorb the light from these stars, infusing myself with the glow of the universe. By the time my body is ready to wake up, I hope to maintain this glow as I similarly maintain the energy my body stored during rest.  

            Author:  Doula KiKi


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