“To desire nothing is to lay stagnant in foul waters, with no movement or flow. The flow is essential to the cycle of life and the existence of all things.” -Cedes Truth

Young Bliss

When I was younger, my desires served as a vacant avenue to explore my happiness. When the Cabbage Patch Dolls came out, I wanted to be the first to walk into Toys R Us and purchase.  I would scream every time the Cabbage Patch commercial came on, just so my mom would look and admire my excitement. Rainbow Bright, Troll Dolls, Cricket the Doll, Care Bears, and My Little Pony were my immediate satisfaction toys. My young bliss was filled with choices and all I needed to do was ask and expect it.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

My parents raised me to look at the world in an unconditional manner.  Unconditional in the sense that my happiness was not dependent on my outside conditions but my inner self-dialogue.  They gifted me with many things and told me that my good behavior, kindness, and happiness brought it to fruition. So, when I received what I asked for, I  reveled in the thought that I was worthy and capable of manifesting great things. The gratification of asking then receiving empowered me. I gave myself credit for bringing the experience to life.  

” To desire is to walk through the door of empowerment and open all the windows of possibility”- Cedes Truth

My desires began as a fresh stick of gum, zealous to taste, eager to blow bubbles, but flavorless within minutes.  After a couple of weeks of admiration and play, toys would end up in the unwanted box in our attic. Still, every day I yearned for something new.  I refused to believe that my asking was temporary or in need of approval outside myself. I was in it for the present monumental feeling of satisfaction, not the material objects themselves. Even though I discarded those toys, I knew that they would be part of a cycle where they would go on to fulfill someone else’s desire.  My consistent renewal of desire not only served myself but others; it became mandatory for self- expression and universal integration.

“Renewal of desires is all about the decision to desire something more that would level up your vibration to a higher frequency of happiness”- Cedes Truth.

Every year my family donated to children in need and served our neighbors in the community.   This cycle of giving and receiving was my natural state and the beginning of my core understanding of integrity.  Integrity in the sense that we are one integrated whole dreaming to become all we desire to be.  As one we create a conscious stream of infinite potential that contains all the desires of every individual, this stream is managed by the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction reads your vibration and lines you up to receive your desire within the stream. So when you imagine or desire something and bring it to fruition, you make it available to everyone in the stream of consciousness.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will. -George Bernard Shaw

The Stream

It doesn’t matter whether you want or desire, ask from your heart and trust that your desire will be an awesome tool to lower your resistance and raise your vibration.  What matters most is how you feel when you ask. It is good practice to feel good and vibrate integrity before asking for your desires. This will align you with the highest expression of yourself and manifest your desires on a humble and higher rate. At a higher emotional frequency, you become an infinite stream that flows in and out of all things, giving life to the vibratory waves of expression.  As you become a more deliberate asker of your experiences, the universe will respond and vibrationally match your vision. This is your Universe, what you want matters because it is this energy that restructures the vibration of your new reality.

The world in which we live, dream, and create is a vibrational playground that responds to our burning desires, delivers our request, then repeats the process. Our desires should flow continuously just like the waters of the infinite universe.  Aim to be part of the stream and design the world you wish to live in.

8 Ways to Receive Your Desires

Below are ways to receive your desires with a worthy heart so that you may become all you desire to be and more.

1. Consistent Focus

Deliberately focus on your excitement and ignore the things that lower your emotional vibration.  Quiet your mind and imagine yourself with the desire. This will allow you to become the desire, feel the emotion, and live the part.  Energy flows where energy goes, so allow the energy to move in the direction of your preference. The excitement around the anticipation of receiving should be so high that when manifested, no one can diminish your light or bypass your act of worthiness.

2.Owning your Desires

Take ownership of all your experiences.  The only way to enhance or change a circumstance is to own it. You can’t change what you don’t believe you own.  Practice owning every receiving moment that comes your way, whether it is big or small. For example, if your walking and see a twenty dollar bill in your path, pick it up and say to yourself, “ I manifested this”.  In the vibration of empowerment and appreciation, you will experience more receiving moments that match that vibration.

3.Integrity for All Things

See the beauty in all things and acknowledge that you are part of that beauty.  When you understand that within the stream you can acquire any desire that is a match to your vibration, you will feel invincible. Worthiness and invincibility share parts of the same vibrational spectrum.  When you acknowledge your integral power your perception changes and the only thing left to do is become a dreamer and ask for the desires of your heart.

4.Living in the Present Moment

The only time we are ever fully in balance with ourselves and our desires is when we choose to live in the present moment. Focusing on the past or the future introduces resistance in our stream, and we tend to paddle upstream against the current. Once we let go and flow downstream we become present in the moment and we will receive the experiences we ask for.

5.Inner Self Dialogue

What goes on in your head radiates outward and forms the world around you.  Think only beautiful thoughts about yourself, the people around you, and your circumstances. If your inner dialogue doesn’t match who you want to become, it will introduce resistance in receiving your desires.

6.Receiving and Giving Back to Self

To receive is to give. We are a consistent cycle. What comes in must be transformed into a preferred state and sent out.  When you receive your desires, sit in the feeling, and bask in your happiness. Then when you have milked it so that your vibration raises, let go and share that desire with the world. That desire has served its purpose and its time to explore and receive more desires that will uplift.


Appreciating where you are and what you have become will land you on the frequency of happiness. Appreciation opens the door to receiving your desires and living your vision.


Find peace with who you are and where you are.  When you are happy with yourself you are in sync with your highest expression and can manifest your desires at a greater rate.

Sometimes as we get older we forget about our worthiness and our power to ask and receive.  But if we “just be” and enjoy what’s in front of us we can change our circumstances and transform our life. We should not forget the vibrational power of the stream but embrace it. Dare to live the life you have imagined and aim to be a vibrational match to your highest expression.  The beauty is in knowing that no matter the age you still have the capability of receiving your desires and living your truth.

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