People often ask me “What makes you happy?” I tell them it is all about following your heart and what you love to do if you wish to be really happy. We all want to be happy in life. But the greatest dilemma in this world is “how to find happiness?” Happiness can be defined as the simple notion of not wanting anything more –by being content with what you have and finding gratitude & satisfaction at the moment you are living in currently. 

Here is the best way I learned living in the moment and finding happiness on my own. I simply followed my heart.  I decided to bring home a pet –I never knew my life was going to change forever. The day I brought Lisa –my pet dog into my family, I never knew that my entire course of life was going to change. Earlier, my notes of happiness relied on being with friends, hanging out with them, and looking for artificial ways to remain happy. But, since that day, my entire happiness focused on petting Lisa and delivering what the best for her is.

Eventually, in the process of taking care of Lisa, I grew concerned and attentive towards other animals as well –especially the stray dogs. Here in my place, nothing much is done when it comes to improving the lives of stray animals including dogs, cats, cows, and others. As a result, I started feeding the stray dogs near my colony and college. 

Ever since I have been feeding a group of stray dogs in my colony and around my college premise –every day. I find happiness in it. This is how I source my happiness –by looking at their deep eyes and getting the feeling that their stomachs are full & satisfied. There is no more pleasure in this world to me than feeding my regular group of stray dogs and their respective families. The way they wait for me every evening and how they get excited upon seeing me is simply priceless. There is no other feeling in this world that could compensate for the happiness I feel when I am around them. I not only feed them but also aim at taking care of their diverse needs including giving them blankets for bedding. In the end, I return home happy and content that my purpose in life is fulfilled each day.

Apart from taking care of animals, I also find happiness in my family members. I cannot imagine my life without them. Living in a joint family has become my reason for happiness, and I feel complete with this feeling.

Happiness is a feeling that intensifies only when you do something that makes you feel full of gratitude and satisfaction. Do what you love and milk every moment of it!