“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars”  -Og Mandino

  My father has a beautiful knitted blanket in his closet.  When I was younger, I use to go way in the back of the closet behind the jackets and touch it, sometimes even rub my cheeks against it.  The blanket felt like freedom, love, and security blended into warm goodness. It was the last knitted blanket my grandmother made before she died, months before I was born.  My father cherished his blanket and told amazing stories about my grandmother’s confidence and proud spirit.

  I admired my grandmother’s blanket for its immaculate detail, choice of colors, and complex stitch patterns. The blanket intertwined the light and dark colors to form beautiful flowers on the edges. Every single stitch was accounted for and served its definite purpose in the overall intention of the blanket.  When I think about the polarity of the universe, I think about my grandmothers blanket. I would not be able to observe the beauty of the blanket without the contrast between the light and dark colors.

What is Polarity?

  The Law of Polarity states that all things in the vibrational universe have an equal but exact opposite, such as hot and cold, light and dark, east and west, happy and sad.   You cannot experience one without acknowledging the presence or attainment of the other. We live in a world of polarity, and every day we experience, feel, and observe the different levels of vibration. Polarities set the foundation for the fabric of the universe and existence. The key is to find balance within these polarities so we can live our truth and expand our intentions.

  The building blocks of matter interpret polarity very well.  No one loves balance greater than an atom–their nature is to be neutral. A neutral atom has the same number of electrons (negative charge) and protons (positive charge). An atom understands that it needs both charges to exist.  When atoms have more or fewer electrons, they are unstable–in the same kind of way, so are we. Find beauty in your failures by knowing you have the capabilities to be successful. Find Love in the darkness, because it helps you to recognize the beauty of the light. Find balance in your truth and be who you intend to be.

What is Ecstatic Balance?

“Without balance, a life is no longer worth the effort.”  – Olen Steinhauer

  Balance wears many different faces and is perceived differently based on our emotional vibration and personal intentions. When we have a high vibration, we tend to find balance by focusing on our inner development and overall well being.  When our vibration is low, we reach to achieve balance outside ourselves and depend on circumstances and others to raise our vibration. Everyone faces balance differently in a world of polarity, and all approaches are valid and will serve its purpose of getting you in sync with the happiest version of yourself.

  My approach to neutralizing my core is called ecstatic balance.  Ecstatic balance is stabilizing your happiness in the present moment regardless of past experiences, current circumstances, or future expectations.  I keep in balance with the highest expression of myself by consciously focusing and beaming light on what excites me. The beamed light reflects and connects to all things, embracing unity within diversity.  Below you will find inspirational quotes and dynamic ways that will help you raise your vibration to achieve ecstatic balance.

Serving Self

“Stop acting so small; you are the universe in ecstatic motion”  RUMI

  You are the core of your universe, and the radiant light that emanates from you restructures and spreads happiness across all surfaces of your world.  Radiate a light so bright that you become the light that allows all things to find balance through you. You are your universe, and when you serve yourself, you endow and serve the world.  Create ecstatic balance by proclaiming positive things about yourself, affirming your worth, and believing in your power to change yourself and your surroundings. Delegate all possibilities of happiness to the universe and wait patiently to witness your desires unfold.  Serving self will raise your vibration and align you with your core intentions to incorporate balance in your life.

Just Be/ Just Do

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”  -Guillaume Apollinaire

  Guillaume Apollinaire’s quote enhanced my understanding of what balance is and could be. We indeed are only ever balanced when we are focused on our present state or eager for more moments of self-expression. When our mind wanders in the troubles of the past or the concerns of the future, we lose that sense of self-expression.  We give our power away to the perceptive external world and diminish the infinite creative power from within. To find ecstatic balance in a world of polarity, we must train ourselves to “just be present” and fill our cup with happiness so that it overflows into our universe and fills someone else’s cup. Now is the only moment that exists, and the only time that you can do, be, or imagine anything.  

  At least once a day we walk into a dark room and turn on the light.  We don’t even think about where the light energy comes from. We “just do” because the switch is available and we have to see. We need to apply this in our life to have balance. When we are out of balance with our intentions, we need to “just do something”  that light us up. We have the power to illuminate balance in our life.

Conscious Flow

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls. ”  -Joseph Campbell

Whenever I feel out of balance, I ask myself a question. What is the most exciting thing I can do right now to get in balance with who I intend to be? When I am happy and excited about my future, I flow with the abundant vibratory stream of the universe and unite back to my neutral self. This stream of abundance reminds me of electric circuitry.  When current flows through a circuit, it always takes the path of least resistance — freely flowing in the direction of its bliss without a worry in the world. If it stumbles upon resistance in its path, it daringly passes through it and revels in its kinetic glow, finding balance within the circuit.

When we go with the flow and reach for the experiences that light us up, we become upright and steady to live our intentions.   Spend time with your family, eat at your favorite restaurant, buy the shoes. Do whatever you need to do to raise your vibration and balance out. In feeling good, you will attract a thread of more feeling good moments, opening up the pathway to ecstatic balance.


“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” -William Blake

  There is always something you can take from your environment about yourself because you are a reflection of the world around you. When you change your perception about the negativity behind being out of balance; you change your world. Understand that when you are out of balance, it is your opportunity to consciously focus on your desired state of being and live in the now.

Use balance as an indicator to let you know what is sweet for you and what is not.  As you gather the ideas and thoughts of who you prefer to be and the environment in which you desire to live in, you will expand your vision of self. Expansion of self opens the door of possibilities and allows you to see other options of stability that were not perceived before.


“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” – John Muir

When you imagine the brain doesn’t know if you are experiencing it or visualizing it.  When you are out of balance, find a quiet place and imagine yourself in a balanced, happy state.  Within your imagination become your ideal ecstatic balanced self. What are you doing? how are you standing? who surrounds you? The beauty of imagination is that you can feel the emotional outcome of your intention, and the universe responds to your emotional vibration. The Law of Attraction will deliver to you an experience that supports your vision of an ecstatic balanced self.

Finding balance in a world of polarity can be a struggle, but when you set your primary intention to flow in the direction of your bliss regardless of the circumstances, a new path will be laid out. This path will lead you to your ecstatic balanced self.  When you vibrate as your best self, there is no room for instability only growth. Balance is freedom of expression and love of self. Live in the present moment, follow your highest excitement, and vibrate to the vision in your heart.

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