As you sip your evening mint tea, the only thought that should be present is all is well. For many, mint tea is known for helping achieve mental focus and calming an upset stomach. For me, it helps to adjust my emotional state. I sit back in my chair, I close my eyes, and I visualize pure serenity. After a long working day you got to mint happy:) Keep happy in mint condition so you can have the strength to conquer another hour of the day. When you can find bliss in the little occurrences of the day, you have officially changed your world. You are not the same person you were before you sipped that cup of tea. You have elevated to the realm of happy and you are feeling the way to your highest desires. So sip that cup of mint tea and live in the world that you created. You are worthy of manifesting a universe filled with tranquility, love, and everlasting joy. Feel empowered, this is your universe, feel the way and proclaim the day!!!

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