We all know happiness is a point filled with positive and pleasant emotions such as joy, contentment, bliss, excitement, and peace. It’s a place I believe everyone wants to be and when we get there, it’s quite difficult to leave. No one wants to be unhappy. We want to keep smiling, laughing and enjoying that lightness around our hearts.

One of the best ways I milk happiness is to explore every aspect of it. For example, when I feel gloomy being cooped inside my home all day, I might decide to step outside. If the sunlight, bright blue skies, chirping birds and flower scents brighten up my mood, the best way to milk happiness at that point, is to spend more time outside. Soak in the sun for a moment longer, buy ice cream while at it and savor the moment. If the source of my happiness is a book I’m reading, a timeout with friends or even a promotion from work, spending more time exploring the source of that happiness is a great way to milk it. An activity which makes me happy is cooking with my sister. It’s fun because while I enjoy cooking, we also get to talk, tease and catch up on everything going on in our lives. I always want to enjoy this moment to the fullest, so I ensure I milk it. I do this by regularly finding new recipes for us to try out, playing music in the background while we cook so we can sing along and dance around the kitchen while doing so.

Another great way to milk happiness is by sharing it with others. As the saying goes, “happiness is better when shared.” When I get great news that has me feeling happy I share it with loved ones, and it makes the moment even better, having someone to celebrate with. While celebrating, I get to talk about this great news more, and the happy feeling lasts. Keeping happy news to myself can cause the excitement to die off faster, so I share!

Continually doing that thing which makes me happy is also a good way to milk the happiness it brings. If spending time with a particular person makes me happy, I frequently do so as it is an excellent way to milk the feeling. It could also be a song with lyrics which has me dancing, a book or an activity (dancing, swimming, attending parties or get-togethers). If it makes me happy, I keep doing it. For example, writing is a significant source of happiness for me so I write as often as I can. I also enjoy telling stories so I volunteer at shelters and schools whenever I can to tell stories. Watching the amused looks on my audience faces while I tell my stories makes me even happier so I do it as often as I can!

Bottom line, whenever I find that source of happiness, I grab on to it and milk it!