I acknowledge the awesome place that the world is by shining a spotlight on the things that bring happiness. Spreading happy in the universe is ranked high on my list of intentional creations. Growing up in the cold winters of Minnesota, my mother always made us warm bread with butter. Every Saturday I watched my mother take out a big piece of frozen dough out of the freezer and place it in our oven.

“The bread is ready,” mother proclaimed after precisely 30 minutes of bake time. Routine, routine, routine was the special ingredient in our household, and it set the standard for our stability and independence. The middle piece of the bread was my favorite. My mother would spread a nice amount of butter on the bread and pass it to my brothers and myself. That was happiness to me. The feeling of love, nourishment, and family all combined in one moment at our little round kitchen table.

We all spread happy like we spread butter even when we are not trying to. When we focus on the moments that define who we are or what we want in life we become the happy butter that spreads on the bread of our universe. Spreading goodness all over, even with our fingers to cover the missed parts. Giving ourselves complete satisfaction as we give others through example the power to choose the same.

The best way to spread happy is to be the greatest version of yourself by milking the moment and focusing on the things that bring you joy. Happiness is in everything, and all it takes is a little focus on something or someone that makes you feel good. The next time you eat bread with butter spread happy all around you, Milk the moment, I know I will!!!